Society Scholarship Programs

The Society of Port Engineers, Los Angeles / Long Beach has for many years supported the Cadets of the California Maritime Academy with scholarships. A few years ago the Board decided to establish A Society of Port Engineers, Los Angeles/Long Beach Endowed Scholarship at the Academy with a goal of a $100,000 endowment. We did it! Early in 2015 the Endowment surpassed the $100,000 goal. Endowed scholarships are awarded from the interest earned on the endowment.

The second scholarship program is the annual direct scholarship. Each year the Board determines an amount of annual scholarship monies to be sent to the Academy. For the past few years the Society has awarded $5,000 in direct scholarships. 

The last scholarship program is relatively new. It is a contribution to the Banning High School ITEP student who attends the Academy. The Society, along with many other individual and organizations, contributes to the ITEP scholarship fund program. These funds are directly distributed to the Banning students attending the Academy. in 2015 we contributed $2,500.

The funds for these scholarships are derived from our events and meetings. All scholarships are administered by the Academy. The CMA Foundation manages the investment and the scholarship committee awards the scholarship based on a criteria established by Society. The Societies total contribution for 2015 was $12,500.

Past Scholarship Awardees

2003/04:  Christian Gopez, Timothy Ulibarri
2004/05:  Rven Michael Garcia
2006/07:  Paul Lim, Paul Braemer, Timothy Wright
2007/08:  Gustavo Carillo, Bobby Rather, Cooper Palfini
2008/09:  Scott Burback, Kaylin Fiscus, John Palmer
2009/10:  Brian Gin, Christopher Beuret, David Callison

2010/11:  Jacqueline Humara, Troy Oudin,
Sebastian Laleau
2011/12: Trevor Mankini, Joseph McMillan,
Joel Mason, Gideon Duran
2012/2013:  Seth Adams, Emily Beck, Steven Dauer,
Juan-Carlos Roberts, William Antrobus, Trung Banh

2014/15: Trung Banh, Chance Hirschi, Christian Ordaz,
Bo Tong, Calvin Tran
2015/16:  Chance Hirschi, Kimberly Kenny,
Christian Ordaz, Michael Thompson, Bo Tong
2016/17:  Colton Carey, Brendan Collette, Ryan Darfler,
Ross Grayling, Jonathon Lipski, Erica McClinton,
Savannah McIntyre, Alexander Sadamune